This is going to be going through some big changes. This is now going to become my personal website, until I can make enough money to buy a website for my own hosting to make.^^ So Im using free web hosting, which for now is fine. Its easier to use and takes a LOT less time then coding anyway for now. So This will be where I post a LOT of art as well as on my Tumblr, and of coarse FA, Weasyl, Nabyn, and I dont really know about Inkbunny. But the Tumblr is just for art that you guys do for me the others are for commissions like this site here. The banner is going to come down and be remade with Atlas on it to match the site. I donno if I am going to make it or have someone else make it yet. I will find that out later. I will be posting the art that you guys do for me on here as well in a separate gallery with links back to your FA's or your sites if you dont have an FA. 
This is just basically where I can put everything all in one place and leave it there. Makes it easier for me to keep things organized. Trust me it honestly makes my life a LOT easier. 
There will be links and everything leading out from here to my galleries and several pages and how to contact me.